Appreciative Coaching: The Art of Transformation

Date: 10 Jul 2019 - 11 Jul 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: The Collab
20/F, 93-103 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Faculty: Dorothy Tsui
Language: Cantonese

Appreciative Coaching is a co-creative process for human transformation. Though collaborative inquiry, dialogue and reflection, it enables people to integrate the best of their past with their strengths, values, and visions; and to bring forth positively powerful performance and results. Master appreciative coaches are catalysts, curators and witnesses to their clients’ identity creation and recreation. They are able to establish trust and rapport, to ask provocative and life-affirming questions, and to listen with an open heart and a nonjudgmental mind. Recognizing that words create worlds they are able to mindfully reveal limits and metaphorically build bridges to new possibilities.

During this workshop you will learn how to: apply Appreciative Inquiry principles and process to coaching, craft appreciative questions, listen to discover life-affirming metaphors and seeds of potential, as well as compose strength based stories.

As a result of this workshop, you will gain greater awareness of your own “pro-creative” presence and enhance your capacities to:

  • Listen for the questions that need to be asked
  • Frame questions to discover and catalyze potential
  • Help clients establish clear positive intentions
  • Use metaphors to aid understanding and inspire action
  • Tell stories to suggest new approaches to old problems
  • Trust your intuition to guide you and the coaching process

Target Participants

This is a workshop for coaches, consultants and managers who want to hone their Appreciative Coaching skills to better support personal well-being, high performance and leadership excellence.



Participants should have some basic knowledge and experience of coaching practice.



This workshop is approved to offer 12 (8 CC / 4 RD) Continuing Coach Education credits (CCE) towards certification in the International Coach Federation. This workshop fulfills a requirement in the Certification for Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners and Consultants (CAIPC).




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