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Resources and Blog

The Appreciative Organization

By: Harlene Anderson, David Cooperrider, Ken and Mary Gergen, Sheila McNamee, Jane Magruder Watkins and Diana Whitney In clear and direct language, this volume – authored by the founders of The Taos Institute – demonstrates that the appreciative construction of... read more

Utility Finance Division

Utility Finance Division Strategic Focus:  Build an Executive Team – the Executive Team of this finance division of a major utility wanted to strengthen their strategic focus, decision-making ability and utilize team strengths Corporation for Positive Change... read more

British Airways, N.A.

British Airways, N.A. Strategic Focus: To enhance service excellence by engaging employees in sharing best practices, envisioning opportunities, and self-organizing to design and implement customer service innovations. Project Brand: The Power of Two Corporation for... read more

Sisters of Mary, Korea

Sisters of Mary, Korea Strategic Focus: To inspire collaboration and innovation culture among the twelve institutions of Sisters of Mary by reviving the spirit of founder, Msgr. Aloysius Scwartz. Situation:   The Sisters of Mary (SOM) was established in 1964 in Busan,... read more

Population Services International

Population Services International Strategic Focus: To develop a sustainable and vibrant future for the health and well being of the Lesotho community by designing an AI Summit that increases awareness of inter-departmental roles, responsibilities, and the... read more