Utility Finance Division

Strategic Focus:  Build an Executive Team – the Executive Team of this finance division of a major utility wanted to strengthen their strategic focus, decision-making ability and utilize team strengths

Corporation for Positive Change Services: Lead consulting partner designed a two-day advance built on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry that brought the twelve-person team together.

  • Prior to the Advance, one-way interviews were completed with team members
  • The Advance was divided into four-parts replicating the 4-D process of Appreciative Inquiry
  • During the Advance, each ‘D’ was allocated roughly half a day with peer interviews beginning the two days
  • The Executive Team was paired into improbable pairs based on information garnered during the one-way interviews
  • The Interview Guide focused on questions of trust, decision-making and leadership
  • At the end of the two-days, each team member had specific action steps and the team had agreement on new operating behaviors

Corporation for Positive Change Consultant: Ralph Weickel

Results: The Executive Team became more focused in their decision-making while exhibiting a greater strategic focus.  This was evident in their meeting structure and performance, which became more productive and produced more consensus decisions.

  • Ripple Effects – Direct reports of the Executive Team collaborated more and sought out each other to address problems
  • Success Factors – The opportunity to have conversations and have a better understanding of each other’s strengths