Sisters of Mary, Korea

Strategic Focus: 
To inspire collaboration and innovation culture among the twelve institutions of Sisters of Mary by reviving the spirit of founder, Msgr. Aloysius Scwartz.

Situation:   The Sisters of Mary (SOM) was established in 1964 in Busan, Korea, by Msgr. Aloysius Scwartz who served war orphans and the homeless since 1961. Now it has branches in Seoul Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil.  The Sisters of Mary in Busan is composed of twelve institutions including an infant nursery, elementary school, middle school, and high school.  It has served orphans for more than fifty years. However, communication among the twelve institutions has not been smooth since Msgr. Aloysius passed away in 1992, and the leaders felt that the organization was becoming more and more rigid.

Project Brand: Soaring AL (Aloysius) Family

Affirmative Topic:

  1. The highest quality in raising and educating children
  2. Perfectly smooth communication among the institutions
  3. Advancing hand-in-hand toward our dreams
  4. Agile organizational change

Corporation for Positive Change Services:

  • Pre-Summit facilitation of project team building
  • Design and implementation of three days’ AI Summit in Busan for 92 representatives of 1,000 family members of Busan SOM
  • Appreciative inquiry training for 19 volunteers from twelve institutions to establish ongoing AI initiatives
  • Follow up for six innovation teams

Corporation for Positive Change Consultant: Jwa-Seop Shin

Results: After the summit, six innovation teams, including Aloysius Institute team which is supposed to collect the great stories of the founder and disseminate them, are working continuously to change the communication and interaction patterns among the individual members and institutions. Nineteen volunteers who were trained in appreciative inquiry are working as facilitators of appreciative culture.

Testimonial:  ”In the beginning, I couldn’t believe that any change will happen in our organization. Since 1992, whenMsgr. Aloysius passed away, there was almost no change in this organization. However, now after the three days workshop, I really can see a great eagle, the incarnation of Msgr. Aloysius, is flying in the beautiful sky.”