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Strategic Focus: 
To develop a sustainable and vibrant future for the health and well being of the Lesotho community by designing an AI Summit that increases awareness of inter-departmental roles, responsibilities, and the communication of system-wide service delivery strategies.rategies.

Situation:  Client – “Can you imagine a country where 40% of men and women 35 years old are HIV Positive – well, you don’t have to imagine, it’s right here…We are not interested in another “campaign” – what we need is no less than a “prevention revolution”… it’s time for a paradigm shift in how we view ourselves and our mission…”

Population Services International (PSI) is a global healthcare not-for-profit organization, but in Lesotho, they are in the business of HIV prevention; full-stop. The overall HIV prevalence rate in Lesotho is about 24% (the 2nd highest in the world). But here are the really frightening figures… according to a study released in 2009, HIV prevalence rises from 8% among women 15-19 years to 25% among women 20-24 years – a 300% increase. HIV prevalence then increases to nearly 40% among 25-29 year old women – and men are right behind them reaching a 40% prevalence rate by age 34.

Project Brand: A Sustainable and Vibrant Future for the people of Lesotho, South Africa

Corporation for Positive Change Services:

  • (Pre-Summit)Facilitation of project team building
  • Design and implementation of AI Summit in Southern Africa for all 125 members of PSI/Lesotho community
  • Clarify core values and accountability between departments
  • Revitalize staff, revision future, and make recommendations for change
  • Follow-up for PSI teams, establish ongoing initiatives to keep the dreams alive and reinforce new communication patterns
  • Follow up for management and leadership training

Corporation for Positive Change Consultants: Claire Fialkov and David Haddad

Results: Summit experience was translated into actionable and relationally responsible goals organized around PSI/Lesotho core values and collective dream of a 50% reduction rate in new HIV infections by 2015.

Testimonial:  YOU ROCK! Claire and David, amazing, beyond expectations, very very impressive… Just back to Maseru but wanted to immediately send a big THANK YOU for really going above and beyond the call of duty, putting in so much more time than was budgeted, and finally for rewriting the entire day 2 to make sure we maximized our staff inputs and outputs – WELL DONE!

Dennis Walto, Country Representative
PSI Lesotho