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Strategic Focus: To enhance service excellence by engaging employees in sharing best practices, envisioning opportunities, and self-organizing to design and implement customer service innovations.

Project Brand: The Power of Two

Corporation for Positive Change Services: We designed and facilitated a two-year process of Appreciative Inquiry into Service Excellence. Key milestones included:

  • Formation of a cross level, cross-functional core team.
  • Forty people met to for two days to select affirmative topics and draft an appreciative interview guide.
  • One hundred people were trained as interviewers.
  • Within six months nine hundred employees were involved in interviews.
  • Meetings were held in each of 18 airport locations to summarize interview results and prepare representatives to attend the Appreciative Inquiry Summit later in the year.
  • Ninety people participated in the two-day AI Summit.
  • Cross location, cross-functional innovation teams were formed and worked for three months making significant contributions to the organization in the areas of: happiness at work, continuous people development, harmony among work groups and exceptional arrival experiences.

Corporation for Positive Change Consultants: Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom


  • Significantly improved employee satisfaction as reported on the annual employee survey.
  • Dissemination of customer service best practices, especially those related to arrivals, resulted in improved service and customer satisfaction.

Ripple Effects: Appreciative Inquiry became contagious. It was used to redesign HR processes, as well as to enhance employee engagement and to identify best practices